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When I was researching air fresheners, I happened to go to my family doctor and bump into a Dyson. To my surprise, the nurse explained to me that he had been discharged by a doctor and added that all the patients who entered that office noticed him and most mentioned that they intended to buy one.  

Dyson is in fact one of the most popular air fresheners in London, and it integrates well in all styles of decor, especially the contemporary style, but I confess that, despite finding it an asset from an aesthetic point of view, I considered it -o a typical case of style without substance. I was leaning more towards Philips air purifiers, which were at the top of the list of air purifiers recommended by independent magazine Which. Dyson, in addition to being more expensive than Philips purifiers, only ranked seventh.

A short time later we went to spend two weeks at the house of a friend who happened to have a Dyson. There were aspects of the decoration of the house that I disliked, namely scented candles, whose intense aroma made my throat sore, but after two days I noticed with surprise that my chronic problem of nasal obstruction had disappeared. Furthermore, the Dyson heat function was so soft and pleasant that the atmosphere was serene, to the point that for those two weeks I had a restful and refreshing sleep. After that I’ve heard several testimonials similar to mine from people that this air purifier has solved persistent problems such as coughing or phlegm.

Since then I’ve been a Dyson fan, but last year, already in Portugal, I decided to buy the Philips Series 800 air purifier. It was on sale, it was Philips, and even though it wasn’t the top-end model, it benefited from the brand’s technology. After being impressed by the Dyson, I mistakenly thought that Philips purifiers would perform even better, but it was a complete let down: not only did it give me any noticeable health improvement, it caused me back pain and the flu, because of the unpleasant cold air it produced.

After that I still made the mistake of trying the Levoit Air purifier, as it is one of Amazon’s most highly rated and affordable purifiers, but this one caused me to cough and wheeze.

There are so many air purifiers and so much contradictory information on the internet that I have come to the conclusion that in this regard it is advisable to play it safe and follow personal recommendations backed by independent studies, avoiding hype and false comments on the internet. Above all, avoid air purifiers that integrate the ionization function, which is harmful to the lungs.  

I would also like to recommend the Beneco Air Purifier P400, which I cannot comment on from experience, but which deserves to be recognized for having resolved the asthma problem of a colleague who lived in the most polluted area of ​​London.

And lastly, I cannot fail to mention Intellipure, manufactured in the USA, used in hospitals, fertility clinics, government and military buildings and the personal choice of Sophia Ruan Gushé, author of the book A to Z of D-Toxing and an authority on the matter .

Tip 4: Consider purchasing Dyson Pure Hot + Cool, Beneco Air Purifier P400 or Intellipure


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