Wedding & Thread Ceremony

Do you want a celebration dinner personalized with your unique taste and style in mind? The importance of these moments can’t be understated, and the celebration has to reflect that.


Haldi & Sangeet

An undeniable staple of quality mobile bartending service is our availability to work at any time, place, and for an affordable price. No matter the distance!

Official Conference, Get Together

Memorable Birthday, Wedding Ceremony

Birthday celebrations are among the most popular parties. For them, the hosts tend to have something unique and particularly impressive prepared for their guests.


You Can Choose Any Theme Any Item You Want

We love experimenting with homemade bitters and infused syrups, but sometimes you just want a cocktail that’s edited and streamlined.


What's client says

“ We hired Mobhoji for our wedding and everyone was highly impressed. Julien and Maxence were both friendly and professional. The items were absolutely delicious! Top-notch service and unbeatable value for money. Nice work! ”

Suresh Mohapatra

Chartered Accountant
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