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I recently visited the Hästens store in Notting Hill, where the sales approach is to communicate the bed price to the potential buyer only after he has tried all the models available and made his purchase decision. This technique is not intended to deceive the customer because in this niche market a bill of almost half a million pounds would not shake him. The intention of this approach is to sell the bed that best suits the buyer’s tastes without being influenced by the price.

Hästens manufactures what are considered the best quality beds in the world, and are a symbol of status, even described as the focal point of the house. Beyoncé bought the top-of-the-range model, the Grand Vividus, which combines the opulence factor with comfort and quality. In fact, 49 of Hollywood’s top 50 actors, as well as Ronaldo, sleep in a Hästens bed.

But I confess that it wasn’t Hollywood curiosities or the opulence of the beds that weighed in my decision to write this post. It was rather its components that caught my attention: horsehair, wool, linen and cotton, 100% cotton mattress topper and goose feather pillows, all in line with the healthy lifestyle mentioned in the previous post.    

Hästens beds are chemical free  so sleep is completely free of harmful particles that are released from synthetic materials in mass production mattresses. Hästens beds are healthy beds precisely because they breathe and that’s why the mattress cover, pillows, duvet and bed linen from the brand are also of very good quality (never fully or partially synthetic). The nightwear must be 100% cotton or silk to be in conformity with the bed and accessories and not lose the bed’s breathing capacity. 

Hästens is an old brand that is expanding, and even though it does not currently have a presence in the southern hemisphere, it exports all over the world, as I learned from the store’s representative. But I recognize that this brand is not accessible to all budgets and in the future I will mention other more affordable ones that are also distinguished by the quality of the materials.  

I have to mention negatively the acclaimed Emma mattress, awarded the best mattress seal by independent magazines. It can be comfortable and apparently provide good rest, but from a cellular point of view, as it is made of foam, it would not be on the list of mattresses recommended by Dr Budwig, mentioned in previous posts, who warned that foam steals energy from cells.  

I end by recalling the biography of an American missionary whose name escapes me, who reported that, after traveling through the African jungle to the hut that would be her home, she finally laid her head on the dirt floor and slept the most refreshing sleep of her life, knowing she was under the perfect will of God.

It doesn’t take much to sleep well, but there’s no doubt that a clear conscience and a Hästens bed are the perfect combination!     

Tip 6: Try a Hästens bed in Hästens stores. Or even better, visit the Hästens Sleep Spa in Coimbra, the only hotel in the world with beds and accessories from this brand.  

My son, keep your sanity and balance with you, never lose sight of them; they will bring you to life and will be an ornament for your neck. Then you will go your way safely and will not stumble; when you lie down, you will not be afraid, and your sleep will be peaceful. Proverbs 3:21-24  


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