How to Choose Your Disc

The Budwig Protocol, a topic addressed in a previous post, encompasses more than diet, as it encompasses a whole lifestyle that aims to restore the oxygen level of cells.

Prescribes moderate daily exposure to sunlight without the use of sunglasses or sunscreen, nature walks and the use of natural fabrics such as silk, linen or cotton.

It bans foam mattresses and advocates the use of mattresses made from natural materials such as horsehair.  

He advocates giving preference to silk and wool carpets and favoring natural building materials such as wood.

It encourages the use of precious and semi-precious stones given their magnetic importance due to the biological radiation they emit.

For personal hygiene, it advises to avoid talc, deodorants with aluminum, shampoo and shower gel containing SLS, toothpaste with fluor and moisturizing creams with lanolin. Bearing in mind that there are more and more ingredients and brands on the market, I frequently use the Skin Deep database, promoted by the EWG, Environmental Working Group, which analyzes the level of toxicity of personal products, ranking them on an increasing scale of 1 to 10, and validating the most secure with the EWG Verified seal.

There is a lot to say about each of the points mentioned above and I will dedicate separate posts to those I have incorporated into my interior design practice.

Suggestion 5: Adopt a healthy lifestyle, including choosing personal care products.
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