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The  The Daily Mail  is a British newspaper with the highest circulation and has even been awarded several times with the best national newspaper award, but suffers for being sensationalist, use of plagiarism and fall short when the subjects require factual accuracy, particularly in areas of science and medical research. This newspaper even suffered the disgrace of having been the first source of information to be classified as unreliable by British Wikipedia, in 2017.  

I sometimes read this newspaper online and especially enjoy the comments section, where readers unceremoniously expose the journalists’ mistakes, turning supposedly serious articles into a source of laughter. The  The Daily Mail  has a certain obsession with diets and every day new publishes more than usually contradicts the previous one , to the point that if we were to take seriously we would not know what to eat.

Now Bill Handerson, writer and researcher, used pragmatism and decided to study natural cures for cancer after his wife died from the disease, and in addition to all the dubious diets published in discredited tabloids, he found more than 400 diets based on cancer. that claimed to have anti-cancer properties. Among all of them, he elected one as “unique in the world”: the Budwig Protocol, developed by Dr. Johanna Budwig.

Dr. Budwig, a German pharmacist with PhDs in Physics and Chemistry, died in 2003, aged 94, after having dedicated her life to this purpose, which she carried out with zeal and great personal sacrifices, seeing it as a call to God. With a cure rate of 90%, its success is indisputable, yet Dr. Budwig has not had institutional support thanks to the interests of the food and pharmaceutical industries. Having even been taken to court and never having won the Nobel Prize for Medicine for which she was nominated 7 times, her Wikipedia page still discredits her today. “There is no evidence that this or other “anti-cancer” diets are effective, and the Budwig diet can be actively harmful.”

In contrast, we find this quote by Dr. Dan C. Roehm MD FACP (Oncologist and Cardiologist) published in 1990 in Townsend Letters for Doctors (my translation): “This diet is by far the most successful anticancer diet in the world. What Dr. Johanna Budwig demonstrated, to my initial disbelief, but more recently to my complete satisfaction in practicing my profession, is that CANCER IS EASILY CURED. This treatment prescribes diet and lifestyle and produces immediate responses. The cancer cell is weak and vulnerable; its precise point of biochemical decomposition was identified by Dr. Budwig in 1951 and is correctable both in vitro and in practice. I wish all my patients had a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Quantum Physics to be able to understand the skill with which this diet was created. It’s a real marvel. The use as champagne ve t ass [bring nutrients to the line O to the Cis squid] is easier to absorb and can lift someone almost dying from their deathbed. (…) Cancer treatment can be very simple and very successful as long as you know how, but the cancer industry doesn’t want us to know about it. May all those who suffer from this disease (including family and friends) forgive the bastards who have prevented this simple information from reaching you for so long.” 

From what I’ve read, this diet is contraindicated for those taking blood thinning drugs, pregnant women and people with planned surgeries, but it favors those who are trying to prevent and cure cancer, diabetes, alzheimers, asthma, arthritis, eczema, health problems. heart, multiple sclerosis and other diseases. It is also recommended for optimizing health and is highly effective for athletes.

There is so much to say about this protocol that I will avoid making the same mistakes as the journalists of  The Daily Mail . I confess that I almost didn’t publish this post because I have no training that would allow me to evaluate this diet from a medical point of view, and also because I couldn’t find the original source of the quote mentioned above, so I can’t guarantee that the references are reliable.

I recently contacted a team of Portuguese journalists in order to carry out an impartial investigation into the scientific validity of this diet, which, if confirmed, would bring renewed hope to many lives. I also asked them to look into the legitimacy of two European clinics that promote this method. While I wait for an answer, I decided to go ahead with this information, without obviously subscribing to or being responsible for this diet.

Suggestion 3: Research the Budwig Protocol, preferably books in which Dr. Budwig is an author or co-author.

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