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This photo, taken just over three years ago, is no longer representative of the style of clothing I recently adopted, in which I started to value the fabric over everything else, resulting in a timeless and healthy wardrobe, made up exclusively of pieces of clothing. cotton, silk, linen, wool or bamboo. I can buy a piece of synthetic fibers from time to time, but it is an exception.

Of course, this is a personal option that greatly affects my choices and is outside my scope of action as an interior design, but I, while not interfering in my clients’ wardrobe, never fail to advise them in this regard, as a healthy environment requires items for personal use that are also healthy.

Interestingly, the book of Proverbs, when describing the virtuous woman, emphasizes the quality of the fabrics with which she adorns her home, her family and herself.

For me, true luxury in the current context are brands that invest in the quality of fabrics and that don’t make the mistake of mixing natural fibers with synthetic fibers, as in the case of Armani, which sometimes produces dresses in the best silk with polyester lining.

Suggestion 7: It’s worth investing in pieces made from natural fibers and taking a look at the Colorful Standard brand, which uses eco-certified inks , 100% organic cotton and recycled extra-fine merino wool , and whose bike counters the disposable fashion trend : “No seasons, no trends, just essentials” .

Virtuous woman, who can find her? For its value far exceeds that of precious jewels.   Her husband’s heart trusts her, and there will be no lack of gain for her. It does you good, not harm, every day of your life. She fetches wool and linen, and works willingly with her hands. It’s like the merchant’s ships; from afar bring your bread. And when it’s still dark, she gets up, and gives her house food, and her servants the task. Consider a field, and buy it; he plants a vine with the fruit of his hands. Gird up your loins with strength, and strengthen your arms. Try and see that your merchandise is good; and its lamp does not go out at night. Reach out to the spindle, and your hands grip the spindle. open your hand to the poor; yea, to the needy he stretcheth out his hands. Not afraid of snow for his family; for all his household are clothed in scarlet. Make yourself blankets; of fine linen and purple is her dress. Her husband is known at the gates, when he sits among the elders of the land. He makes linen dresses, and sells them, and delivers girdles to the merchants. Strength and dignity are their dresses; and laughs at the time to come. Open your mouth wisely, and the teaching of benevolence is on your tongue. Watch for the government of your house, and do not eat the bread of laziness. Her children rise up, and call her blessed, as also her husband, who praises her, saying, Many women have acted virtuously, but thou overcome them all. Grace is deceitful, and beauty is vain; but the woman who fears the Lord, she will be praised.   Proverbs 31: 10-31

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